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Last month we visited our friends in Devon for a joint-seminar. Here's a taste of Rick's teaching! 18th August 2014, 9:12pm


Aikido is an empty-hand, weapons-derived martial-art that emphasises harmonising with the movement of an attacker to take their balance and control their action. The name itself roughly translates to The Way of Harmonising Energy.

Developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba during the last century, the spirit of his teaching evolves today through many who have been inspired by his skill and philosophy.

At Brighton Aikikai we are particularly influenced by Christian Tissier – a prolific teacher of the art in Europe – and our club is lead by Phil Rozier, 4th dan Aikikai.

When? Where?

We train weekday evenings and host weekend seminars throughout the year

On Summer break. Enjoy the holiday – classes re-open in September
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Fridays
8:30pm to 10pm 8pm to 10pm
Chris Kent's Kicks, Lewes Road, Brighton

Beginner? No problem! Our classes cater to all levels and your first one is FREE.


It's more than just self-defence. We train to to exhaust aggression; to cultivate mind and body with the idea of diffusing violence when it confronts or tempts us.

Aikido is not easy. Progression takes time and patience, even for those with natural ability. But it's fascinating, enjoyable, and accessible to anyone.

It also an opportunity to travel. We train at home and abroad. Meeting new people in new places is all part of the experience.


Here's a video of a few of our members and what we get up to:

Photo of Phil demonstrating with Amyas at a seminar
See more on our YouTube channel

Want to give it a try? Just drop-in – we welcome visitors! You can also email us or call Phil on 07736 301785

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Progress at your own pace in a safe environment with attentive teachers

Phil Rozier
Technical head, 4th dan

Phil started practising Aikido in 1998 while studying for his Physics degree at the University of Sussex. He trained regularly; attending all 6 classes per week that the Brighton Aikikai had to offer. Receiving expert tuition from Jeff Balmer and Mark Hale - two top students of Pascal Durchon - Phil's interest in Aikido grew to an all encompassing level.

Amyas Gilbert
Club head, 2nd dan

Amyas started practising Aikido in 2004 in Vienna, where he lived for half a year before attending university in Brighton. Under the instruction of Karl-Heinz Reiter, he trained intensively to gain a solid grounding in both unarmed practice and sword work.

Conan Theobald
Instructor, 1st dan

Conan was introduced to Aikido and Brighton Aikikai at the start of 2007. At that time the Club was run by Nik Doyle, Mark Hale, and Phil Rozier. Fascinated, Conan attended nearly all classes on offer, and soon started taking part in local and overseas seminars.

All our instructors are certified and insured by the British Aikido Board

The BAB is the only Aikido representative in the U.K. that is recognised by the Government's Sports Council. As a member you can train in any other BAB certified dojo with the confidence that you are, at the very least, insured to practice.

However, while it does promote quality Aikido, it is not within the remit of the BAB to curate every style for its authenticity or practicality, nor to actively regulate the teaching methods of any particular club.

Aikido is an expressive martial art, and there are as many ways to teach it as there are people who study it. The BAB understands this, so it focuses on the broader aspects of adminstration, insurance, and encouraging good coaching principles.

It is an important part of Aikido in the U.K., but belonging to the BAB is only part of the story.

With myriad styles to choose from but no absolute arbiter of quality, to whose standard should you hold your chosen club to? The only sensible answer is; your own.

Of course, if you are a beginner it is difficult to know if what you are studying is right for you. It is an unfortunate fact that many people train for years before realising another style might suit them better.

So be inquisitive, ask questions, and make your own judgements about the quality of teaching you are receiving.

The least we can say is no club should hold its students honour-bound. We offer our studies to anyone wishing to learn and appreciate that people come and go. But while you choose to train with us we hope you find the experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as we do.

Pay As You Go, Direct Debit or Standing Order

First class? It's on the house! Just turn up in loose-fitting clothes; don't spend any money on kit until you know what you're getting in to!

A concession of £65 per term is offered for all university students
Insurance costs £10 per year and is handled by the club

Download the insurance form

  • Pay-as-you-go
    £10 per class
  • Beginners offer
    First class is free; 10 more for £60
  • Pay monthly offer
    £55 a month
  • Pay yearly offer
    £520 a year

Our bank details for DD and SO: HSBC UK Sort code: 40-14-01 Account number: 11516205

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